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Professional Single Stranded Hair thinning scissor 2008th1b Discounts Apply !
Professional Single Stranded Hair thinning scissor 2008th1b



  • Material: Japan J2 420 Steel
  • Single stranded One arm with tooth and one arm with blade
  • Designed for smooth Snag free cutting.
  • Razor edge remains sharp for long time.
  • Light weight and super sharp perfect for salon and heavy duty use.
  • Rubber Silencer for Quiet operation
  • Finger rest for comfortable cutting
  • Honed edges for optimum performance
  • Rubberized finger insert for anti slip and comfort grip
  • Rust proof and heavy duty professional shears

Thinning shears are scissors that are used to thin and shape the hair without changing or altering the current style of the hair.
Thinning shears are great for those who need to thin down very thick or curly hair or dense hair.
They look like regular shears however their arms are different from regular shears.
Thinning shears or scissors are of two types single stranded or double stranded
In a Single stranded Thinning shears or scissors one arm is like a regular shears or scissor while the other cutting arms has tooths like comb
While the shears to look like scissors, they are actually made up of two jagged blades that look like combs. They work by allowing some of the hair to be cut shorted than the rest when hair rests between the blade’s gaps.

Thinning scissors are not recommended if you have fine or already thin hair.


Begin by combing hair smooth and then place a strip of hair that is at least three inches away from your scalp, in between the shear’s blades.
Holding the shears at a 45-degree angle, slide them down and make a cut, repeat the step till you get the required thinning of the hair.

Donot use thinning shears near the root or ends of your hair.
Always cut in the middle of the hair and be careful about removing too much hair at once or too often.

If you only need to remove just a little hair, look for a pair scissors with double rows of teeth or double stranded.
The more teeth the shears has, the less hair is generally removed.
Similiarly the less the tooth or fewer tooth the more the hair will be removed or cut.
If you have naturally thick or curly hair look for sheers that have fewer teeth since they are ideal for removing bulk.
This style of sheers is also the way to go if you need something for general purposes.
simple rule to remember is if you need more hair use thinning scissor with more tooth
similiarly (if you need less hair or you need to cut more hair) use thinning scissor with less teeth.

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